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EAD | Reiseuni
- Programme Principles



Programme principles of the masters programme Architektur.Studium.Generale from 2009-2012:
European two year master‘s programme (postgraduate course) of interdisciplinary workshops at eight universities & European research network.

International education
Changes in contemporary urban life are manifested in the transformation of the European city. The new postgraduate programme is a unique and innovative approach to international architectural education: it combines the idea of the classical artist journey with the intensive, interdisciplinary and project-oriented workshop tradition, focusing on topics reflecting architectural knowledge across greater Europe—between Tallinn, Tel Aviv and Lisbon.

8 Workshops
The training is structured around a series of eight workshops at different higher education institutions: Urban planning as well as architectural, structural and artistic issues will be examined at all scales, and problems will be resolved in the context of historical, preexisting structures. Multi-dimensional planning processes and communication strategies constitute integral parts of a democratic culture of building and are measures for transforming existing buildings and urban quarters with regard to ecological sustainability.

Professional skills
Students will work together with local experts and professors and will be immersed in different approaches to design thinking, in order to experience the complexity of different cultural attitudes toward architecture and urban design. The broader aim is the enrichment of the pan-European architectural discourse and a renewal of architecture training within the international REISEUNI_LAB, thus reinforcing students’ range of experiences and sense of social responsibility, vision and capabilities for experimentation—as necessary skills for a top leadership role in the professional field—within an international network.

Admission requirements (2009-2012)
Bachelor Degree in architecture or related degrees (urban planning, landscape architecture, art, engineering, theory)
Language skills: English CAE, CPE, TOEFL or equivalent
Min. 1 year working experience