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[Fig.03] Reiseuni Report | Cover Collage: jp3_Christian Pieper with works of: Tomas Forjaz, Carlos Sixte and Pille Noole
[Fig.01] Reiseuni Report | Cover Collage: jp3_Christian Pieper with works of: T. Forjaz, C. Sixte, P. Noole

Reiseuni Report | The Making of
European Architecture Dialogue


Volume: 0_Preface, 2017
Volume: 1_Reiseuni • Pilot Project, 2017
Volume: 2_Theory • Research by Design, 2018-2019
Volume: 3_Workshop-Clusters, 2017
Volume: 4_Making-of • Cycle-3, 2016

Published 2016-2019
Version 0.9.7
Copyright ©2008-2019 by all participating Universities, Reiseuni_lab and Authors.
All rights reserved. ISBN-A 10.978.300/0555213

Reiseuni Report | Content Mindmap

[Fig. 03] Reiseuni Report | Content mindmap, >>>Table of contents

How do we define new aims for a generalist architectural research and study programme? To generate design knowledge and site-specific solutions in a glocal mind-set? And instead of disregarding cultural differences, how might we profit from the rich and diverse university landscape of Europe?

More than 40 authors from three generations and 14 universities offer an open-access online publication in four volumes about the cooperative Master's Programme and European Architecture Dialogue which includes insights from theory and practice.

Bibliographic Information:
Jäger, Dagmar (Ed.); Pieper, Christian (Ed.) et al.: Reiseuni Report | The Making of. European Architecture Dialogue. Reiseuni_lab: Berlin, 2016-2019, Vol:I-IV. ISBN:978-3-00-055521-3, DOI:10.978.300/0555213,