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Reiseuni Report | Making Of European Architecture Dialogue
Reiseuni Report | Making Of European Architecture Dialogue

Vol:IV Making-of • Cycle-3

V:IV Exemplary Documentation and Analysis of one Workshop-Cycle [Class-03 | 2015-2016]

The Making of [Vol:IV] has been developed during the 10th workshop 'Design Reflection 2' in December 2016 at UAL Lisbon with students of class_03 to illustrate one workshop cycle as a multifaceted choreography. The aim has been to analyse, evaluate and document the experienced design strategies, educational programmes and project results of all 9 preceding workshops in an objectifying and self-reflective manner. During 3 weeks, the students developed the review with Dagmar Jäger in the frame of a moderated team work, including analytic diagrams, descriptive texts and interviews. The EAD#11 Lisbon has served not only to release the publication within a team of Reiseuni_lab professors, students and alumni, but furthermore to reflect on the experiences and to take into consideration future perspectives for the Master's Thesis 2017.

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