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Reiseuni_lab, European Architecture Dialogue and Master Study Programme

Stage-0 (Start-up):

Since 2008, Dagmar Jäger and Christian Pieper (jp3_architecture & design, Berlin >>> initiated the research platform European Architecture Dialogue and developed the international Master's Programme Architektur.Studium.Generale (A.S.G. / later European Architecture). In the same year, they founded the network Reiseuni_lab to realize the shared goals (>>>Reiseuni-Charter) cooperatively with all members and participating universities.

Stage-1 (BTU Cottbus):

Since autumn 2010, Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU Cottbus) started the master's programme with matriculation of 19 students from 8 countries. Class-01 passed all 11 workshops and the thesis at 8 universities of Reiseuni_lab members and finished the programme in September 2012. Class-02 startet in 2011 with 17 students accordingly. From 2009-2012, D. Jäger modulated the incorporation and detailing of the study programme and research content as visiting professor and programme director at BTU for the pilot phase in dialogue with colleagues of the international network.

Stage-2 (TTÜ Tallinn):

Since 2013, the next period has been developed of Reiseuni_lab founders & lab members, with Tallinn University of Technology, the Portuguese double degree partner Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa and Dagmar Jäger as programme director at Tallinn University of Technology (TUT, TTÜ). The students have been matriculated first 2015 at TTÜ. The research network Reiseuni_lab including its founders Jäger + Pieper have been supporting the international Master's Programme European Architecture at TTÜ during 4 years, from 2013-17 (Class-03 and Class-04).

Stage-3 (Berlin):

Since 2018, the next period of Reiseuni_lab is in progress.

The key concept of the project Reiseuni is rooted in ideas of the traditional Walz (Wanderjahre, German Waltz) and the Grand Tour (engl.) which both have been combined with the architectural and research oriented workshop tradition of Europe to create a pioneering space for experimental teaching and learning in Europe. >>>Reiseuni-Charter


Disclaimer: The content of these websites is not contractually binding. For the Masters Programme 'European Architecture', the Tallinn University of Technology reserves all rights to change the information without prior notice.